welcome to walmart
roses are red. my ask is open. it's always empty. i'm barely copin'
my name's tori and my cookies are EXTREMELY frosted
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Why is the Pope always an old geezer they should elect a young guy that isn’t on the verge of croaking so they don’t gotta pick a new one so often

introducing the new YOUNG and HOT pope

what the catholic church truly needs is a stone-cold PILF

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*talking to white*
me: hey montgomery we’re friends right? can i ask you a question?
timothy: my name is actually chester but yes
me: why did you pass the chinese
exclusion act in 1882

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when someone drags you and you dont have time to deal with their irrelevant ass


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the way to my heart (take notes boys)

  • stickers
  • mixtapes/playlists in the form of a CD
  • reese’s peanut butter cups
  • temporary tattoos (cats mainly)
  • peach snapple
  • any form of art especially handwritten notes and drawings
  • concert tickets
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add this to the national archives so it can never be lost again

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the news

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